Índice crítico del teatro uruguayo (1808-1980)

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The Critical Index of Uruguayan Theater collects the archive produced during four years of intense research, between 1976 and 1980, by Graciela Míguez (1949-2000) and myself (Abril Trigo). Our objective was to write a thorough and comprehensive social history of Uruguayan theater. Accordingly, we intended to record every single theatrical play ever written or staged and to produce a critical-analytical review of a representative corpus. Due in part to the magnitude of the project, or due perhaps to its interruption when both of us left the country and followed different routes, the project would never be finished, and the archive would undergo innumerable vicissitudes, unending travels and interminable neglect. The present publication recovers and makes available to scholars and researchers a body of documents endangered by its material frailty; a corpus which provides invaluable information to critics and historians of Uruguayan theater, as well as to all interested in the development of Latin American historical, literary and cultural criticism.


An inventory of authors and playwrights, either born or resident in Uruguay at any point in history; second, an index of the theatrical plays, published or not, staged or not, attributed to them; and finally, a file containing critical-analytical reviews of an extensive and representative selection of plays. The original index, updated and revised according to the latest publications in the field, records a total of 613 playwrights and 2,941 plays, 858 of which are critically reviewed.


Uruguayan theater, theatrical criticism, Latin America, Uruguay, social history, historical criticism, literary criticism, cultural criticism, critical reviews, cultural studies