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The Literary Map of Africa is a bio-bibliographical database, designed to be a comprehensive research and information tool on African literature. It does not focus on selected authors or national / regional literatures, nor does it follow the sometimes rigid North & sub-Saharan Africa divide; instead, the database seeks to cover the whole continent. This wider scope makes it possible for writers from different regions and countries, with varied histories and cultures, and who produce works in diverse African and European languages to be represented in one project. One objective this project hopes to fulfill is to include as many emerging writers as possible, especially those based in Africa. Many in this category of creative writers do not have a readership beyond their national boundaries and are therefore hardly represented in many bibliographies and encyclopedias.


The Literary Map of Africa was hosted by The Ohio State University Libraries from 2009 though 2020. The site was archived on January 6, 2020 with Archive-It as a part of the University Libraries' Archived Exhibits collection. The archived site is available at: In the archived version of the site, the interactive map and browsing functions work, while the database search functionality does not. The data files from the site are archived in the Knowledge Bank:


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