The Alpha-Omega Scale: The Measurement of Stress Situation Coping Styles

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Our paper discusses the use and validity studies of the Alpha-Omega Scale of coping styles for life stress situations. The validation of the Alpha-Omega Scale on a sample of student and non-student population illustrated the ability of this scale to differentiate between known groups. The evidence indicated that the Alpha-Omega Scale exhibits diagnostic potential to differentiate between groups related to their coping styles in stress situations. The relationship between the Alpha-Omega Scale and the Templer Death Anxiety Scale were also investigated psychometrically and conceptually. The Alpha-Omega Scale showed better psychometric properties and is conceptually more appealing than the Templer Death Anxiety Scale because it is more sensitive to individual characteristics and is multi-dimensional. Implications of further usefulness and research are also presented.


Author Institution: Department of Education Foundations, University of Akron ; Guidance and Counseling, University of Akron ; Department of Psychology, University of Akron ; Child and Adolescent Service Center ; Department of Elementary Education, Georgia Southern College



The Ohio Journal of Science. v83, n5 (December, 1983), 241-246