Mobile Automated Tourniquet System: Investigating a Solution to Untrained Civilian Tourniquet Application

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The Ohio State University

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Introducing MATS - The Mobile Automated Tourniquet System - a vital tool for immediate response to gunshot wounds. In situations demanding swift action, MATS empowers on-site individuals to act as effective first responders. Recognizing the urgency of severe bleeding, with victims at risk of death within 3-5 minutes and an average professional aid response time of 7-10 minutes, MATS bridges this critical gap by enabling immediate and appropriate on-site assistance. This user-friendly device simplifies the process of applying emergency hemorrhage aid to three simple steps: first apply the MATS next to the wound, select the applicable limb (arm or leg), and flip the switch to pressurize the tourniquet. An average untrained applicator can often apply a tourniquet too loose, rendering the device completely useless. MATS incorporates an automated inflation process, ensuring the correct tightness for reliable bleed control. Tailored for accessibility in educational and civilian settings, it’s designed to be portable, and high contrast to ensure readability. By controlling the pressure differential, MATS aids in minimizing potential nerve damage during application. In pivotal moments, trust MATS -The Mobile Automated Tourniquet System- working to bridge the gap between the onset of a critical situation and the arrival of professional aid.



Technology, Public Health, Emergency AId, Tourniquet