Lafontaine's Quarter and the Number Quarter: The Difference between Jungle Justice and Mathematics Justice

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Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics

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This article discusses a unique approach to mathematics teaching, grounded in the use of examples taken from the world around us and implemented in two 4th grade classes. It presents literacy activities designed to foster a language of mathematics for all pupil populations (mainstream, gifted and pupils with special needs) and highlights the relation between the daily language and the language of mathematics. The concept is rooted in the requirement to strengthen the inter-disciplinary connections in different systems, including education systems. Thus, we have the opportunity to implement a tool of meaningful learning, entailing better comprehension of the subject and finding the beauty encompassed in it. The activities focus on the positive effect of integrating fables as literary genre for improving the language of mathematics, reducing the fear of mathematics problem solving and increasing the satisfaction with mathematics.




Ohio Journal of School Mathematics, no. 69 (2014), 36-40.