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As part of OSU's mission of service learning, the College of Dentistry is working to address the number one unmet health need in Ohio - access to dental care. Through the OHIO Project, the College of Dentistry trains excellent, socially aware dental practitioners. Students receive clinical training in a variety of settings, including college-based comprehensive care and specialty clinics, as well as community-based dental clinics. Nearly 1.2 million working-aged adults (18 - 64 years of age) in Ohio report that they have dental care needs that have not been met.Fifty-one percent of children in Ohio have experienced tooth decay by the third grade. More than 3.9 million Ohio adults (45 percent) over 18 years of age have no dental insurance - almost three times more than the number of Ohio adults without medical insurance.


IMPACT. 1: During the senior year of dental education, students spend 50 days providing dental care in community clinics in Ohio under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist who is adjunct faculty and often an alumnus of Ohio State's College of Dentistry. Students are exposed to multiple dental technologies, observe various practice management models, practice four-handed dentistry, and increase their speed and confidence with an established clinic, all while serving a community in need of affordable care.
OSU PARTNERS: College of Dentistry
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Columbus Health Department; Muskingum-Valley health Centers Dental Center; Columbus Neighborhood Health Centers; Third Street Family Health Services Dental Clinic; Nationwide Children's Hospital; Cincinnati Health Department; Dental Center of Northwest Ohio; St. Elizabeth Health Center; MetroHealth Medical Center; Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Chillicothe, Ohio; Lima Community Dental; Walnut Hills Evanston Health Center; Mercy Medical Center – Dental Clinic; Chalmers P. Wylie Veterans Clinic
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