Interview of Edith Ronne by Brian Shoemaker

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Jenny Darlington, one of first two women to winter over in Antarctica, pp. 1-2, 15, 19-21, 50-51 Harry Darlington, husband of Jenny, pilot removed for insubordination, pp.15, 37-40, 42-43, 51 Finn Ronne, husband of Jackie, Antarctic explorer, throughout the transcript Martin Ronne, father of Finn, prominent Antarctic explorer with Amundsen, pp. 4-5, 10 Pedro Kristofferson, Norwegian philanthropist for Antarctic exploration, p. 5 Roald Amundsen, Antarctic explorer, pp. 4-6, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Antarctic explorer, pp. 6-11 General Curtis LeMay, Army Air Force, pp. 10-11, 13-14, 17 Sir George Hubert Wilkins, explorer, pp. 10, 53, 61 Thor Heyerdahl, Atlantic and Pacific explorer, p. 12 Ed Sweeney, sponsor of Sweeney Medal for Explorer’s Club, p. 13 Bill Latady, aerial photographer, pp. 16-17 Jimmy Lassiter, pilot, pp. 14,16, 28-29, 40, 42-44, 49-50 Chuck Adams, pilot, 28, 40 Walter Smith, navigator, pp. 23-25 Ken Butler, commander of the nearby British base, pp. 26-27, 3, 46, 51 Bernard Stonehouse, British explorer, pp. 27-30 Bob Nichols, Chief Geologist, pp. 45-47, 49 [?] Peterson, British pilot rescued from a crevasse, pp. 31-35, 47 Ike Schlossback, occasional co-pilot despite loss of one eye, pp. 37, 41-42 Andy Thompson, seismographer, 47-48
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