Weights of Suburban Raccoons in Southwestern Ohio

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Racoons (Procyon lotor) were collected during a 2 year study in the suburban village of Glendale, Ohio. Weight records (250) were kept on 150 individuals. Nonjuvenile males averaged 4.7 kg and females 4.1 kg. Ten juveniles averaged 3.4 kg in November. Mean summer-fall weight increase was 121% for 12 juveniles and 36% for 19-non-juveniles. Mean winter weight loss for 15 racoons was 16%. Malefemale differences noted in the pattern of seasonal weight fluctuation were attributed to the events of the annual reproductive cycle. Records for 18 males and 5 females showed that heavier individuals reached sexual maturity at an earlier age. A comparison of data from this study with similar data from other areas of the eastern U.S. suggests a positive correlation of average weight with latitude and a negative correlation with population density.


Author Institution: Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati



The Ohio Journal of Science. v79, n3 (May, 1979), 139-142