Interview of Tracy Hahn by Kevlin Haire

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Tracy Hahn discusses her career as a police officer, in particular her time serving the Ohio State campus. In the fall of 1982, Hahn arrived at Ohio State as an undergraduate, with plans to become a doctor, but she switched her major to criminology after doing well in a class in that subject that she took her first spring quarter, After graduating in 1986, Hahn first served as a security officer at Riverside Methodist Hospital, then joined Ohio State's police force in 1990. After serving three years on OSU's force, she was hired by the city of Upper Arlington's police department. After eventually serving as its first-ever female chief, she retired in 2018, then joined OSU's police force again to serve as deputy chief. She retired in April 2022. During her interview, Hahn discusses various aspects of being a police officer and of OSU's police department. Topics include: being a female officer, particularly in a managerial role; the differences in policing between a municipality and a university campus; the various joint-policing agreements OSU has with the Columbus Police and why those agreements are in place; providing security at OSU football games; the increase and differences in technologies from when she first started as an officer to her retirement; and what she hopes her legacy will be from her 32-year career.


Remote interview.