Length-weight relationships of the Mimic shiner Notropis volucellus (Cope 1865) in the Western Basin of Lake Erie

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Gender relationships between total and standard length (mm) were compared to weight (mg) in the mimic shiner, Notropis volucellus for the western Lake Erie basin in the vicinity of the Bass Islands. Length and weight relationship (n=300), length-frequency distribution, and sex ratios (n=884) from a single date from Gibraltar Island in June 2012 were analyzed for coastal shoreline and tributaries. A strong positive correlation was found between length and weight for both males and females. In females, a significant positive correlation exists between standard length (SL) and body weight (F=671.5, d.f.=135) and between total length (TL) and body weight (F=681.4, d.f.=135). In males, there was also a strong positive correlation between SL and body weight (F=1744.9, d.f.=160) and between TL and body weight (F=1656.6, d.f.=160). Combining data for the two sexes helped determine a strong relationship between SL and body weight (F=1908.3, d.f.=299) and between TL and body weight (F=1885.9, d.f.=299) that was consistent with the results from the individual sexes. The growth patterns of male and female mimic shiner differed significantly for both SL (F=0.76, p>0.05, d.f.=159-134) and TL (F=0.76, p>0.05, d.f.=159-134). Age I females ranged from 29–51 mm TL and Age I males ranged from 30–46 mm TL based on 884 individuals from Gibraltar Island. Age II females ranged from 57–61 mm TL and Age II males ranged from 54–56 mm TL. Mimic shiner exhibit indeterminate growth and gender influences growth patterns.


Author Institution: F.T. Stone Laboratory, The Ohio State University
Author Institution: Biology Department, Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania
Author Institution: School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana



The Ohio Journal of Science, v112, n2 (2013), 44-50.