Undocumented Latinx Comics: Resisting the Biopolitical Nation

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Because undocumented subjects are widely excluded or essentialized, this article asks how and why the comics form has become an effective vehicle for narratives that portray undocumented Latinx people as agents of resistance and change. I narrow my scope to Latinx creators whose representation of undocumented people is informed by having at one time been undocumented or by having undocumented family. While these kinds of works are not necessarily better equipped to foreground agency, their connection to undocumented people may provide a greater potential to remain anchored in their experiences and perspectives. Objects of study include the zine, Rosita se asusta/Rosita Gets Scared by Vicko Alvarez and El viaje más caro/The Most Costly Journey.


Humanities: 3rd Place (The Ohio State University Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum)


Undocumented immigrant, Latinx Comics, Biopolitics