World Food Prize Request for Information about Professor Ockerman's Influence Up to 2005

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Dr. Ockerman was asked by the nominator to estimate the number of citizens he as an individual, had educated in some capacity and a fair estimate of the number of people influenced by the Learning Cascade of Ockerman Educators in the World. This revolution of igniting aspiring minds over the last two generations (Last 45+ years) is often called 'The Ockerman Catalyst' by his alumni. This is a very difficult task to numerically estimate since steadfast information is not always available; data may vary as it differs from the different sources based on the realms of judgment and interpretation. Emphatically, he did his best to be as objective as possible and even if his estimations are in error and require scaling up or down, to give a more accurate picture in either direction the magnitude is still be staggering.