A Device for Laboratory Measurement of Dip Direction of Small-Scale Planar Structures in Rocks

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Dip direction of inclined small-scale planar structures, not recognizable until rock specimens are sectioned in the laboratory, can be determined with an easily constructed device. The method is based on a rotating transparent compass suspended above a platform on which the sample is oriented. With at least two vertical cuts through the same structure in the sample, points of equal elevation can be measured. A line connecting these points represents the strike of the structure; therefore, when the sample is positioned so that this line parallels one pair of opposing horizontal support rods, the alternate horizontal rods indicate the azimuth of inclination, which can be read directly from the overlying compass.


Author Institution: University of Nebraska State Museum and Youngstown State University



The Ohio Journal of Science. v73, n3 (May, 1973), 188-190