Key Factors in Vertiport Site Selection for Megapolitan Regions

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The Ohio State University

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Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) has the potential to revolutionize transportation, yet there remains a need to thoroughly investigate and determine the infrastructure requirements needed to support the successful operation of these emerging vehicles. In addition to safety considerations, AAM infrastructure is further complicated by the reality of land use planning constraints and intermodal travel behavior associated with dense, urban megapolitan regions. This research aims to support the development of vertiport site selection tools, software, and simulations by identifying the predominant infrastructure site selection criteria necessary for the successful operation of AAM services in megapolitan areas. This research includes analysis of practitioner and academic site selection tools across the transportation sector, as well as practitioner and academic insights collected via surveys, interviews, and focus groups.



Advanced Air Mobility, Vertiport Site Selection, Transportation Network Planning, Aviation, City and Regional Planning