Teaching Food Safety and Nutrition To Visually Impaired Students: Content Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Of Teachers

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This project will assess food safety and nutrition knowledge, barriers to teaching nutrition and food safety, as well as barriers to teaching these topics among the teachers of youth with visual impairments in Ohio and nationally. It will use the results to design in-service training. This project is a first step to improving the quality of life of youth with visual impairments and their ability to self-manage their own health.


IMPACT. 1: Answer questions about the level of knowledge in food safety and nutrition, and their attitudes toward teaching these topics in the classroom. -- 2. Increase in the knowledge of nutrition and food safety among Ohio teachers of visually impaired youth and increase in teachers' self-efficacy to teach food safety and nutrition in their classrooms. -- 3. Develop partnerships with Ohio State School for the Blind and associations for teachers of visually impaired.
OSU PARTNERS: College of Education and Human Ecology; Department of Human Sciences; Department of Education
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Ohio State School for the Blind
PRIMARY CONTACT: Sanja Ilic, Irene Hatsu (ilic.2@osu.edu, hatsu.1@osu.edu)



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