The Position and Age of the Sciotoville Bar Locality, Southern Ohio

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The Sciotoville Bar was a rock ledge exposed along the northeast bank of the Ohio River between the Little Scioto River and Wolfred Run (NE 1/4, sec. 8, T2N, R20W, Scioto County, Ohio). This well-known fossil locality yielded an abundant fauna from concretions in a shale which formed a portion of the ledge. Since 1920, however, the locality has been flooded by the pool created first from construction of Lock and Dam 31, and later by the Captain Anthony Meldahl Locks and Dam. Information assembled from various sources indicates that the main concretionary horizon represents the upper portion of the Portsmouth Member of the Cuyahoga Formation. In addition, a previously unpublished measured section of this locality by Hyde is now available which describes the location of the concretionary fossil-bearing horizon. The combined ammonoid fauna from the upper Cuyahoga and the overlying lower Logan Formation suggests a Kinderhookian rather than Osagean age for the concretionary horizon.


Author Institution: Department of Geology, University of Iowa, Iowa City 52240



The Ohio Journal of Science. v71 n5 (September, 1971), 284-291