Prescriptive Approach to M&A: Information Technology Integration Framework for Merger and Acquisitions

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Healthcare Co. has made 10 acquisitions over the last 2 years. The IT Merger & Acquisition Framework has averaged 9 months from "Day 1" to "Initial Integration Complete," exceeding its target cycle time of 100 days by an average of 6 months or 270%. With only 24 months to charge costs to the acquisition budget, time to market is a critical factor and the average time for basic integration is taking 9 months or 38% of this window. These latent implementations have led to significant increased costs with several acquisitions requiring multimillion dollar investments to standardize infrastructure years after their purchase. The Integration Framework must be managed end to end as a system of interdependent components in order to speed time to market, improve quality, and increase market share through quicker turnaround.