The Haiti Empowerment Project (HEP)

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The Haiti Empowerment Project (HEP) is unique in making collaboration and dialogue with Haitian colleagues central to its international partnerships. The mission of HEP is "To work in collaboration with Haitian universities, communities, and governmental/non-governmental entities to provide an environment of empowerment through global problem solving." Since 2005, the Haiti Empowerment Project has developed long-term relationships with local communities, including school teachers, principals, and community leaders, as well as university and government officials.


IMPACT. 1: HEP has inspired grassroots dialogue and change. Haitian university student organizations have been founded with mentorship and encouragement of OSU peers. Solar panels have been co-installed and completely maintained by Haitians. Teacher development initiatives have been organized and implemented by Haitians for Haitians using the processes demonstrated by OSU faculty. -- 2. To date, the collaboration between Ohio State and Haitian University partners has yielded approximately 20 university-level seminars delivered by both faculty and students of Ohio State University for four separate Haitian universities. -- 3. In participating in the Freirean-based planning, reflection, and community action (praxis) process, HEP students develop a global sense of dialogue, collaboration, community, and empowerment.
OSU PARTNERS: Education and Human Ecology; Engineering; Arts and Sciences; Business (Fisher)
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Center for Research in Education Formation and Instruction (CREFI) Torch Of Hope; Servants In Fellowship (SIF)



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