Introducing Minorities to Natural Resource Career Opportunities

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In an effort to increase the participation of minorities within natural resource professions, the U.S. Forest Service's Northeastern Forest Experiment Station and The Ohio State University's School of Natural Resources developed and implemented a resident outdoor experience to introduce selected minority youth to natural resource career opportunities. Two groups of high school students, one minority and one nonminority, participated in three-day resident programs. The research design consisted of a pretest-posttest comparison of results from a resource inventory, stress test and an information questionnaire administered to each group prior to and after the experience. Results indicate that a positive learning experience for both groups took place; however, when compared to the non-minority students the knowledge and attitudes of the minority students changed significantly. There was no difference in stress level factors between the two groups. At the end of the experience, the minority students indicated an increased interest in forestry and other natural resource management areas, especially wildlife.


Author Institution: School of Natural Resources, The Ohio State University



The Ohio Journal of Science. v85, n1 (March, 1985), 29-33