The Composition, Structure, and Phenology of the Vegetation at the O. E. Anderson Compass-Plant Prairie in Unglaciated Southeastern Ohio

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The O. E. Anderson Compass-Plant Prairie, located in the unglaciated hill country of southeastern Ohio (Lawrence Co.), currently represents the only known extant occurrence o£ Silphium laciniatum (compass-plant) in Ohio. Some prairie indicator species present include Andropogon Gerardi, A. scoparius, Sorghastrum nutans, Panicum virgatum, Sporobolus asper, and Silphium laciniatum. The vegetation is dominated on a quantitative basis by Andropogon scoparius with Rubus spp., Rhus Copallinum, Rosa Carolina and Carex complanata as subdominants. Phenologically the site exhibits three flowering pulses, one in late May and two in August. Vegetative differences between the prairie and a nearby pasture were primarily quantitative and not qualitative. The prairie species at this site may be adventive as a result of agricultural activities.


Author Institution: Department of Botany, Ohio University



The Ohio Journal of Science. v85, n1 (March, 1985), 50-59