The Healthy CHOICES Initiative

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Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement

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This multi-phase project drew upon local, state, and national health priorities to design lesson plans and curriculum units that incorporated health-related concepts (e.g., nutrition, physical activity, health literacy and advocacy) into the mainstream middle school curriculum using a place- and community-based approach.


IMPACT. 1: Provided disposable cameras to 9 middle school students, who took 153 photos of health in their community -- 2. Prepared 7 healthy dishes with 21 middle and elementary school students -- 3. Gave pedometers to 13 middle school students; to date, they have traveled 190 miles as a class.
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: The Healthy CHOICES Initiative took place at Trimble Elementary and Middle School in Jacksonville, a rural community in Athens County. We worked with 14 seventh- and eighth-graders in Ms. Heather Laughlin's classroom to learn about healthy decision-making behaviors. We also engaged 10 elementary school students from Ms. Alicia Mohler's class in cooking lessons to prepare nutritious meals.
PRIMARY CONTACT: Adam Jara, Lauren Volpe



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