IMPACT (Inquiry Model for Professional Action and Content-rich Teaching)

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The IMPACT program began in 2004 by instructing teachers in Marion and Newark schools to use the inquiry method in their science classes. Starting in 2008, the work has been with science teachers in Marion City Schools middle and high schools. Inquiry refers to students exploring physical phenomena and reasoning about it. The role of the inquiry teacher is as a "guide on the side" or coach rather than an all-knowing "sage on the stage," the predominant model of teacher behavior in America. The project began by making professional (content) development available for teachers during the summer and extensively during the school year. The program also uses the Full Option Science Systems (FOSS) curriculum purchased by the district, incorporating it with the IMPACT approach.


IMPACT. 1: In both the Ohio Achievement Test and Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT), science scores improved markedly from those achieved prior to the IMPACT program. The 2010-2011 OGT scores from the first group of students with at least one year of IMPACT instruction produced ~8-10% improvement in all categories.
OSU PARTNERS: Department of Physics; Ohio State Marion; College of Arts and Sciences
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Marion City Schools; The Ohio Department of Education
PRIMARY CONTACT: Gordon Aubrecht (



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