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Abstract for "Information Literacy for Global Inclusion: Designing the Annotated Bibliography for Global Search and Selection": The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the notion that our world is global and interdependent. Despite the ever-increasing connection of global with local, there continues to be formidable barriers in accessing information produced in different international contexts and languages. This innovative practice article details the redesign of an annotated bibliography assignment in an International Studies course to support the inclusion of global perspectives into the information practices of undergraduate students. The redesign embedded explicit information literacy dispositions and global citizenship education competencies through the search and selection of global information sources. The authors will discuss the instructional elements used, student outcomes, and the connection between information literacy and global citizenship pedagogies. The goal of this article is to support librarians in developing inclusive and global information literacy curriculum enabling students to connect to international voices.


This file contains the assignment directions and rubrics for the adapted annotated bibliography referred to as the Information Network as described in the article, “Information Literacy for Global Inclusion: Designing the Annotated Bibliography for Global Search and Selection,” which can be found here:


inclusive pedagogy, information literacy, global citizenship education, area studies, knowledge equity


Espinosa de los Monteros, Pamela and Elizabeth Black. (2021) “Teaching Global Citizenship Through Global Information Searching and Selection.” Communication in Information Literacy (CIL) Journal.