Interview of Boyce Lancaster by Kevlin Haire

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Boyce Lancaster discusses his 35-year career as an on-air host at WOSU Radio. Lancaster's father was a television broadcaster in Oklahoma, and Lancaster often would accompany him to the station. Because of that experience, Lancaster decided early on to go into broadcasting. While attending John Brown University, Lancaster worked at the student radio station, and before graduating, he landed his first job in 1977 at a radio station in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Lancaster worked at a number of stations in Dayton and London, Ohio; and Charleston, West Virginia, before he landed a job in Columbus, working at WRFD, which was the precursor of WNCI. Along the way, he gained experience, not only on-air, but behind the scenes in advertising, production and management. In 1984, he joined WOSU-Radio, first as a technician, then he was asked to audition to do some on-air fillers, such as the weather forecast, to give the announcers a break during their on-air shifts. A few years after he joined WOSU, he was asked to fill in for the morning on-air host, who was leaving the station. The program director, Mary Hoffman, then asked if he would fill the job permanently. During the interview Lancaster also discusses a typical day's schedule; his working relationship with his wife, the station's music director who eventually became the program director; his relationship with other co-workers and with listeners; and his decision to retire in 2019. Also included is a discussion of his work in the Columbus classical music community, specifically with the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra.


Remote interview.