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William R. Veder, Vakgroep Slavistiek, Katholieke Universiteit, Postbus 9103, 6500 HD Nijmegen (Holland)

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This "Message from the Editors" explains that "This fifth Приложение of Polata knigopisnaia is dedicated to the memory of S. Methodius, archbishop of Sirmium, apostle of the Slavs and, by virtue of the encyclical Egregiae virtutis of 31 December 1980, co-patron of Europe, together with S. Cyril, his brother, and S. Benedict." The editors provide a brief summary of the articles included in this volume, which resulted from "a proposal for unification of the terminology used to refer to Biblical texts (part of a commendable enterprise of the CIBAL (Sofia) to harmonize the descriptive terminology of Slavic manuscripts)" whereby A. A. "Alekseev outlines four philological criteria for the analysis of the oldest, Methodian stratum in Biblical texts," and other scholars expand upon his suggestions. Polata 14-15: 2.


Editors of Polata knigopisnaia 14-15 include Aleksander E. Naumow, Krakow, Poland, and William R. Veder, Katholieke Universiteit, Nijmegen, Holland.



Polata Knigopisnaia: an Information Bulletin Devoted to the Study of Early Slavic Books, Texts and Literatures, v14-15 (December 1985), 2-3