Effects of Activity, Alcohol, Smoking, and the Menstrual Cycle on Liquid Crystal Breast Thermography

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This study is part of a continuing program to evaluate the efficacy and reliability of liquid-crystal thermography in breast-cancer detection. The purpose was to evaluate any possible effect(s) of daily activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, amount of sleep, and the menstrual cycle on the liquid-crystal thermographic breast-pattern. Ten apparently healthy women served as subjects and were examined by liquid-crystal thermography every day for 28 (minimum) to 45 (maximum) consecutive days for thermogram changes. The results indicate that daily activity and the menstrual cycle should not affect the reliability of liquid-crystal thermogram interpretation in breast-cancer studies. Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking prior to liquid-crystal thermographic examination could change the normal pattern to an extent that reliable interpretation might not be possible. There appears to be a thermographic-pattern change closely associated with the probable time of ovulation.


Author Institution: Department of Biological Sciences, Kent State University



The Ohio Journal of Science. v73, n1 (January, 1973), 55-58