Total Health and Wellness: A Team Approach to Primary Care

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Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement

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Ohio State Total Health and Wellness offers a team approach to primary care. The presenters will provide insight into the members and roles of the interprofessional team. They will also present the benefits of the team approach to patients and the community.


The Ohio State Total Health and Wellness (THW) is a nurse practitioner (NP)-led primary care clinic that focuses on the provision of evidence-based medicine via an interprofessional team approach. Our NPs also provide primary care in the home of people who are not able to travel to the clinic for their health care appointments. The visiting NPs are also supported by the interprofessional team, which consists of: a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP), a clinical pharmacist (PharmD), a registered dietatian (RD), a mental health counselor (LPCC), a social worker (LISW), an RN care coordinator (RNCC) and medical assistant (MA) support staff. Recently, a nurse midwife was added to our team to provide prenatal and expanded women's health services. Our team meets weekly to review complex patients and provide primary care oversight from the multiple disciplines. Daily, our team provides: primary care to individual of all ages per our adult and family practice NPs; mental health care through our PMHNP and LPCC; preventative care through our dietitian and certified diabetes educators; comprehensive chronic disease state education and management through our clinical pharmacist; care management and close follow-up through our RNCC; and assistance with social determinants of health per our LISW. Engagement: The THW team impacts the community on the near east side of Columbus and surrounding communities by improving access to primary care. As a newly recognized Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Look-Alike, our clinic has increased funding to care for the underserved. The THW team impacts students from multiple health sciences by teaching team-based interprofessional care and providing clinical experience in the clinic. The THW team makes a local impact by providing education and services within the community to vulnerable populations. The THW at Home team supports people who choose to age or live at home with a mobile primary care service. This service enables people with disabling conditions or frailty to receive mobile diagnostic and laboratory services along with excellent primary care. In the five-minute "Ignite Session," the THW team will quickly enlighten the audience with an overview of our scope and services to participants who are interested in the delivery of this primary care delivery model.
AUTHOR AFFILIATION: Candy Rinehart, Nurse Practitioner/Director, The Ohio State University College of Nursing, (Corresponding Author); Christopher Westrick, PharmD, The Ohio State University College of Nursing; Deborah Hanes, Nurse Practitioner, The Ohio State University College of Nursing.


primary care, team, interprofessional


Engaged Scholars, v. 6 (2018).