Making the Future Bright: The Solar Energy Curriculum Consortium (SECC)

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Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement

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The importance of renewable energy is obvious, yet less than 1% of electricity generated in Ohio is derived from solar energy. Furthermore, learners of all ages are largely uninformed about solar energy. Bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and resources together, Ohio Sea Grant, Office of Energy and Environment, Facilities, Operations, and Development, and Energize Ohio are well poised to initiate a Solar Energy Curriculum Consortium (SECC) to develop locally relevant, inquiry-based lessons easily accessible to formal and informal educators throughout Ohio.


IMPACT. 1: The SECC will develop five high quality, locally relevant lessons for the proposed solar energy curriculum, including teacher-friendly instructions, classroom-ready materials, and content-appropriate support materials. -- 2. The lessons will incorporate online, real-time and historical energy production by the solar photovoltaic installations at OSU's Stone Laboratory on Gibraltar Island and weather data from a Stone Lab owned weather buoy deployed in Lake Erie. -- 3. Together, these efforts promote an energy-literate citizenry of informed and responsible decision makers and environmental stewards.
OSU PARTNERS: Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory; OSU Extension; Facilities, Operations, and Development; Office of Energy and Environment
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Science Educators in grades 4-12 in the State of Ohio; Informal education groups at Stone Laboratory
PRIMARY CONTACT: Kristen Fussell (



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