Urban 4-H in Youngstown, Ohio

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In 2007, members of the Mahoning County Extension staff attended a meeting of the Idora Neighborhood Association (INA). With the help of adult volunteers from the INA, a community 4-H club was established, the Idora Wildcats.


IMPACT. 1: In 2011, the club formed the Senior Support Project, where they helped the elderly and others in their neighborhood who could not care for their lawns or gardens. They formed a partnership with a traditional 4-H club whose members were enrolled in woodworking projects. Through a type of cultural exchange, the clubs learned from one another as they worked together to build a shed to house garden tools and materials. -- 2. In the past five years, the members of the club have remained out of trouble and have continued to positively contribute to their community. This partnership will remain sustainable for many years, as the Idora neighborhood youth continue to make long-lasting impacts in their communities and in their own lives.
OSU PARTNERS: OSU Extension; College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Idora Neighborhood Association; Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation
PRIMARY CONTACT: Janice Hanna (hanna.133@osu.edu)



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