Another Perspective on Point Pleasant Pottery Pipes

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The history of three clay tobacco pipe factories at Point Pleasant, Clermont Co., Ohio, is briefly reviewed. Turn-of-the century photographs of two of the structures are analyzed, and evidence suggests that one, a large frame building identified as Jesse Grant's Tannery and "The Oldest Clay Pipe Factory in U.S.," was the Bainum & Peterson factory, also known as the Clermont Pottery and active ca. 1900-1913. It is currently the site of the Grant Memorial Church on Back St. The other building is believed to have been the earlier Kirkpatrick-Davis-Peterson Brothers pottery southeast of the bridge over Indian Creek. Distinctive pipe styles at the Bainum/Peterson Site (33CT-390), the Kirkpatrick-Davis-Peterson Brothers site (33CT-256), and the Tom Peterson Pottery, which stood at the northwest corner of the Route 52 bridge, are illustrated.



Potteries (Clermont Co., Ohio), Clay Tobacco Pipes (Clermont Co., Ohio) Manufacture


James L. Murphy, "Another Perspective on Point Pleasant Pottery Pipes," Ohio Archaeologist 45, no. 1 (Spring, 1995): 31-34.