Interview of William S. Guthrie by Robert B. Sutton

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George Rightmire: President of Ohio State (pp. 1, 3, 19) -- Brandon Rightmire: son of George Rightmire (p. 1) -- William H. Cowley: advocate for improving student experiences at OSU (p. 2) -- Miss Vogel: influential secretary to Howard Bevis (p. 4) -- Howard Bevis: President of Ohio State (pp. 4, 7-8) -- Mrs. Howard Bevis: first university wife to play a prominent role in university affairs (p. 4) -- Wells Reeder: Junior Dean, first Coordinator of Freshman Week (p. 5) -- Howard Hamilton: Secretary of the College of Arts and Sciences (p. 5) -- Harlan Hatcher: Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (pp. 6-8, 20-21) -- Bland Stradley: preceded Hatcher as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (pp. 7-8) -- Jim Fullington: Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (p. 8) -- Fred Heimberger: Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (pp. 8-9) -- Novice Fawcett: President of Ohio State (pp. 8, 10-11, 25) -- Joe Park: first Dean of Men at OSU (pp. 12, 19) -- Mylin Ross: second Dean of Men at OSU (pp. 12-13) -- Esther Allen Gaw: early feminist and Dean of Women (p. 12) -- Florence Allen: Judge, early feminist (p. 12) -- Charlie Gambs: legal counselor (pp. 13-17) -- Mars Fontana (pp. 14-15) -- The Lantern: student newspaper (pp. 15-16) -- Dean Snyder: Asst. Administrator of FERA in Ohio (p. 18) -- General Henderson: FERA administrator in Ohio (p. 18) -- Ralph Smiley: organized 3-C camps in Ohio in the 1930’s (p. 18) -- Founta Green Pollard: replaced Guthrie as Director of Student Financial Aids ( p. 20) -- Dean Stradley: Dean and VP (pp. 20-21) -- Christine Conaway: Director of Counseling, Office for College of Arts and Sciences (pp. 20-21) -- John Galbreath: prominent businessman in Columbus (p. 24) -- John Bricker: Senator and Governor (pp. 24-25) -- The Wolfe family: owners and publishers of the Columbus Dispatch (p. 26)


William S. Guthrie. Dean of Men, Ohio State University. Director of Student Affairs, Ohio State University. College of Arts and Sciences, Ohio State University. Office of Student Finances