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William R. Veder, Slavisch Seminarium, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Postbus 19188, 1000 GD Amsterdam (Holland)

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This "Message from Your Editors" explains that the contents of Polata Knigopisnaia 17-18 are papers presented at a conference "International Data Bases for Medieval Manuscript Studies" at the Catholic University (Katholieke Universiteit), Nijmegen, September 1987. It is also noted that the Catholic University, previously the publishing site of Polata knigopisnaia, "decided in 1987 to end all formal activities in the field of palaeography, codicology and textology, except within the realm of Dutch studies." Revisions to the journal are also discussed.


Editors of Polata knigopisnaia include Mario Capaldo, Via Malpighi 12A, Rome, Italy, and William R. Veder, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Holland. This issue is edited by William R. Veder.



Polata Knigopisnaia: an Information Bulletin Devoted to the Study of Early Slavic Books, Texts and Literatures, v17-18 (December 1987), 2-3