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Mentor-A-Buckeye is a program that pairs ninth graders from Columbus City Schools with an Ohio State University undergraduate student mentor and a community leader mentor. Mentor-A-Buckeye seeks to provide extraordinary experiences, to empower and motivate Columbus high school students and Ohio State undergraduate students- to challenge themselves to continuously improve, become civically engaged in their communities and succeed in their academic pursuits.


IMPACT. 1: Provide Motivation for Education - track students' grades throughout their high school career and provide academic assistance, to ensure all students graduate on-time and matriculates into a four-year university. -- 2. Increase Civic Engagement - engaging students in community outreach programs/initiatives at least once a semester. -- 3. Increase Diversity Awareness - engaging students in settings/programming atypical of their own, while also allowing them to interact with students and community partners from various backgrounds.
OSU PARTNERS: Office of Student Life Social Change
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Columbus City Schools
PRIMARY CONTACT: DaVonti' D. Haynes (; LeRoy C. Ricksy Jr. (



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