Nutritive Levels in Plants from Stripmined Areas in Eastern Ohio

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Data on nutritive quality of vegetation for stripmined lands were obtained in 1972-73 from 2 Ohio counties, one having generally acidic spoil banks and the other having calcareous spoils. Proximate analysis of water, ash, crude protein, ether extract, cell-wall constituents, and nitrogen-free extract revealed few significant differences between plants growing on stripped and undisturbed (control) plots. Plants also were analyzed for 6 essential elements by emission spectrography. Levels of potassium were significantly higher in plants from control plots. Calcium levels were higher in plants from alkaline spoils, and manganese levels were higher in plants from acidic mined plots. Manganese levels exceeded 600 ppm in some plant samples from acidic spoil banks. Even when plants from stripped plots contained significantly less of a given element, levels were generally not low enough to indicate nutrient deficiency.


Author Institution: Ohio Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, The Ohio State University



The Ohio Journal of Science. v78, n2 (March, 1978), 70-79