„Strategie" i postawy współczesnych ankieterów a reakcje i nowe obawy respondentów

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This paper is based on reports coming from participant observations of 58 interviews from survey research. I analyze, here, behavior of interviewers and some of its implications for quality of data. These reports show that interviewers used to commit many serious errors and do not observe rules of professional ethics. It was established that interviewers apply various 'strategies' during interviews, with most popular of them being to play the role of an 'important official', display their superiority to respondents and differentiate their behavior accordingly to material status, education, culture, and place of residence of respondents. As regards respondents, their attitudes are also determined by psychological and cultural factors. The analysis show that they do not display politically motivated fears. although one can see that respondents tend to hide their material and life conditions, as well as try to avoid compromise in face of interviewers due to lock of competence, knowledge, etc. There are situations where behavior of interviewers violate sense of privacy of respondents and strengthen their misgivings--especially in the countryside, among poor, and lower educated categories.




Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 7, Issue 1 (1998), pp. 17-36