Moms2B: A Community Program Focused on Reducing Infant Mortality

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Ohio State University. Office of Outreach and Engagement

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The Moms2B mission is to empower pregnant women in high risk neighborhoods to deliver full term healthy babies by providing weekly group sessions focused on education, nutrition, clinical and social support goes from conception through the baby's first year of life. Pregnant moms' social and emotional wellbeing are the center of our program. The families are accepted unconditionally at weekly sessions. All staff and volunteers treat participants and their families with care and compassion.


IMPACT. 1: To support the emotional and physical wellness of the mothers, their support persons and infants from pregnancy through the baby's first year of life by providing resources, support and education. -- 2. To train the next generation of health professionals at our inner city sites who will then go on to promote health equity thereby reducing disparities in maternal and child health. -- 3. To develop valuable partnerships with agencies who can assist moms in navigating their social determinants of health in areas such as prenatal care, food, housing, transportation, education and employment.
OSU PARTNERS: The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: The Ohio State University Outreach Extension Center; Celebrate One; The Ohio State University; Community Health Worker Training Program; MedTapp; Columbus Public Health; Mount Carmel Health Systems; Kroger; Columbus Urban League's Father to Father Program; United Way; The Columbus Foundation
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