The Apostolus Christinopolitanus and the Text of the Old Slavic Apostolus: The Lessons for Saturday and Sunday of Weeks 10-20 after Pentecost

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William R. Veder and Michael Bakker, Slavisch Seminarium UvA, Spuistraat 210, 1012 VT Amsterdam (Netherlands)

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This paper offers the critical text of the ‘Lectionary core’ of the Old Slavic Apostolus. It is established on the basis of a critical recension of some twenty manuscripts of various dates and origins. The publication aims at several goals, the most important being to clarify the position of the Apostolus Christinopolitanus in the textual tradition of the Slavic Apostolus. The second goal is to show how, by the use of modern technology as well as proven scientific methods from adjacent disciplines, like Classics and Theology, a scientifically sound and yet accessible text of the Slavic Version of the New Testament can be produced. The third is to shift the accent in the treatment of manuscripts by Slavists from the ‘monument’ they constitute towards the text they contain. My last goal is to provoke reactions from the scientific communities of Slavists as well as Bible scholars on such an approach to the Slavic Version of the New Testament.


Author Institution: University of Amsterdam
See also: The Old Slavic Apostolos: The Lessons of the Short Lectionary from Pentecost to Great Lent and the Abstracts of the Epistles / academisch proefschrift ter verkrijging van de graad van doctor aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam [...] door Johannes G. van der Tak (Amsterdam: s.n., 1999).


Manuscripts: Apostolus Christinopolitanus (L'viv HM, OR 39); Slepče (St. Petersburg RNB F.p.I. 101, Q.I.1186; Plovdiv NBIV 25); Ohrid; Šištovac (Belgrade MSPC 322); Zograf Slavic 53; Strumica/Macedonian (Praha NM, Slavic IX E 25); Sofia NBKM 882 and 883; Panteleimon Slavic 14; Karakallou Slavic 239; Novi Sad RR 184; Crkolez-Dečani Continuous Apostol; St. Petersburg RNB F.I.407, F.P.I.24, Pogodin 30; L'viv LBAN MB 422; Cod. Amsterdam; Moscow GIM Sin 915-1, Sin 7, Manuscripts, Church Slavic, Lectionary Apostol, Continuous Apostol, Commented Apostol


Polata Knigopisnaia: an Information Bulletin Devoted to the Study of Early Slavic Books, Texts and Literatures, v29-30 (July 1996), 4-49