FLUORESCENCE OF $S_{2}(B^{3}\Sigma_{u}^{-} – X^{3}\Sigma_{g}^{-})$ EXITED BY FIXED FREQUENCY U.V. LASERS

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Both natural abundance sulfur and 50% enriched $^{34}S$ were used to make $S_{2}$ vapor at $\sim 600 K$ and $\sim 10^{-2}$ torr in dual–temperature sealed quartz cells. The fluorescence excited by both a CW He-Cd laser ($\nu_{vac} = 30757.5 cm^{-1}$) and a pulsed nitrogen laser (29652 -$29661 cm^{-1}$) was dispersed and analysed to identify the fluorescing quantum state (s). For He-Cd excitation, normal and isotopically enriched samples gave identical results: only a single transition in $^{32}{S_{2}}$ was excited: $B^{3}\Sigma^{-}_{u}-, v^{\prime}= 3, N^{\prime} = J^{\prime} = 24 \leftarrow X^{3}\Sigma^{-}g, v^{\prime\prime} = 3, N^{\prime\prime} = J^{\prime\prime} = 25, \nu = 30757.19 cm^{-1}$ (see Ref. 1) For $N_{2}$ excitation it appears that several regular and satellite lines in the 2,4 $band^{2}$ in the vicinity of $J^{\prime\prime} = 25-28$ are pumped. A reanalysis of existing spectroscopic data for $S_{2} (B-X)$ is in progress, and will be discussed.


1. E. Olsson, Zeit Physik, 100, 656 (1936) 2. S. Leone and K. Rosnik, Appl. Phys. Lett. 30, 346 (1977)
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