Mirror Lake Monitoring: Water Level Observations and Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions

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The Ohio State University

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Groundwater-surface water interactions have great importance for clean and sustainable water use. To understand these interactions in an artificially constructed lake on the campus of Ohio State University, water level observations were made in Mirror Lake and ten piezometers surrounding the lake every month for a year. Measurements show that the lake recharges the surrounding aquifer throughout the year. The annual draining of the lake during the Ohio State-Michigan game leads to a lowering of water levels in surrounding piezometers. An area of low groundwater head also persists throughout the year between Mirror Lake and Neil Avenue that may indicate groundwater discharge to a storm drain that runs under Neil Avenue. Continued long-term measurements will be useful for understanding lake and groundwater budgets and can help support decisions about lake management, landscape design, and water use on campus.



hydrogeology, groundwater, lake, urbanization, aquifer