Distribution of delta-180 and delta-D Values of Precipitation in Central Ohio

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Stable isotopic analysis of precipitation collected from four sites in central Ohio indicate a small seasonal and spatial variation in δ18O and δD, although the sites are not very geographically spread out and they are of similar elevation. The sites were classified as Byrd Polar Research Center (BPRC), which is in Columbus, Ohio, Galena, Clintonville, and Mansfield. Byrd Polar Research Center (Columbus, Ohio), Clintonville, Ohio, and Galena, Ohio did not have much variation in the mean δ18O and δD values. BPRC had mean values of δ18O and δD of -5.72‰ and -36.00‰, respectively. Clintonville had mean values of δ18O and δD of - 5.16‰ and -31.99‰, respectively. Galena had mean values of δ18O and δD of -5.21‰ and - 31.66‰, respectively. Mansfield had δ18O and δD values of -7.84‰ and -52.82.



Central Ohio, Isotope, Precipitation