Glaciology and Meteorology of Anvers Island, Volume 1.

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Research Foundation, The Ohio State University

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This volume presents, in tabular form, the results of surface meteorological observations made at the United States Antarctic Research Program facility, Palmer Station, between February l and December 31, 1965. These data represent a preliminary report in limited edition, while a detailed analysis for final publication is in progress. The meteorological observation program at Palmer Station was carried out in conjunction with the glaciology program being conducted on the Anvers Island ice cap by a party from the Institute of Polar Studies, The Ohio State University, with observations being made by the glaciology personnel.


"RF 1885"


Surface meteorological observations--Palmer Station, Antarctica, Anvers Island, Antarctica, Glaciology--Anvers Island, Antarctica


Rundle, Arthur S., William F. and Charles C. Plummer. 1968. Glaciology and Meteorology of Anvers Island, Volume 1: Surface Meteorological Data for Palmer Station, Antarctica, February 1-December 31, 1965. Institute of Polar Studies Miscellaneous Series M-51, The Ohio State University Research Foundation Report RF-1885 Preliminary, vol. 1. The Ohio State University Research Foundation, 374 pages.