¿Qué Pasa, OSU? (Summer 2010)

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Ohio State University

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Issue includes: "Memories of Graduations Making Them Our Own" by Michael J. Alarid; "Is The Ohio State University Right for You? A Guide to Decision Making and Why OSU Is the Place for You" by Jefferson Blackburn Smith; "Mónica Giusti Enhancing Health, Fighting Disease with Functional Foods" by Mauricio Espinoza; "Miguel Guevara Undergraduate Focuses on Strengthening the Latino Community" by Michael J.Alarid; "It Is Never Too Late for a Scholarship Taking the Right Steps for Relief from the Financial Burden of College" by Maria Sanchez; "The FAFSA Can Save You Why FAFSA Matters as Much as Your College Applications" by Merilyn Lee; "The Multicultural Center Is Your Safe Haven The Services and Benefits of the MCC to a Weary Student" by Indra Leyva-Santiago; "Making Columbus Your Home a Guide for New Graduate Students for the Next Two-Six Years" by Cyndi Freeman; "The Road Is Calling How Study Abroad Can Complete Your College Experience" by Anna Gerber; "Learning Communities Are Seeking You an Examination of the Benefits and Allure of Learning Communities at OSU" by Susannah Turner; "Staying Connected a Call to Action for Hispanic Alumni" by Vincent Sanchez; "Mafalda, 1492 + Buckeye Nation Reflections on Leaving Home" by Ernesto R. Escoto and "Enforcement-Only Immigration Strategies Don't Work an Examination of the Misguided Arizona SB1070 Bill" by Yolanda Zepeda.




¿Qué Pasa, OSU?, vol. 17, no. 4 (Summer 2010)