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Colophon: This book of poems by Cynthia Ozick was designed by Robert Tauber and produced by Russell McKnight at the Logan Elm Press in Columbus, Ohio. The title page and three other images by Sidney Chafetz were printed on a Vandercook no. 219 Press from hand-inked linoleum blocks onto dampened papers handmade at the press from cotton and abaca fiber using stencilled pigmented pulps. The text was printed on a Vandercook No. 4 Press off Van Dijck monotypes composed by M & H Type in San Francisco, California. The text paper was handmade from cotton and abaca fiber with a special set of watermarks designed and cast by Ralph Rosenblu. The cover papers were handmade from Russian Hemp fiber. Harry Campbell designed the binding. Sandy Mundy sewed each copy and doil-stamped the covers using cast metal letterforms drawn by Ann Alaia Woods. Dennis Knepley designed and made the Willow wood boxes for the edition. Cynthia Ozick's poems are printed here as a collection for the first time. Many of these poems have appeared in journals. Grateful acknowledgement is made to Judaism, Field, University of New Mexico Quarterly, Antioch Review, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Commentary, San Francisco Review, Prarie Schooner, The Noble Savage, Literary Review, Midstream, The Chelsea Review, Epoch, Mutiny and Jewish Spectator for permission to reprint poems that originally appeared in their magazines. Special ackcnowledgements are made to Lynne Bonenburger, Kathy Fagan and Michele Herman for assistance in editing and proofing, and to Bethany Ross, Jack Shifman, Carrie Andrews, Robert Boyce, Sophoe Knee, Jacqueline Boyle, Tim Lonza and Darin Forehand for their assistance in the production of this book. This book is copyrighted 1992 by Logan Elm Press. All rights reserved. Of one hundred twenty-four numbered copies and twenty-six copies lettered A-Z which are accompanied by an extra suite of prints, this is copy .


Print Edition: 124 numbered copies and 26 copies lettered A-Z issued with an extra suite of prints. Laid in custom-made wood boxes.
Print Pages: [54] p. incl. four double spreads
Print Illustrations: ill. (stenciled pigmented paper pulp and linoleum block)
Printing: Letterpress
Binding: Long-stitch on willow wood spine
Paper: Handmade paper (cotton and abaca) with stencilled pigmented paper pulp; Handmade paper covers (Russian Hemp) Note: handmade text papers with watermarks.
Typography: Monotype Van Dijck
Physical Dimensions: 46 x 30 cm ; box 53 x 39 cm
Print Original Price: 1,500 U.S. dollars