Energize Ohio: Building Ohio's Energy Future

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Energize Ohio is a multidisciplinary program that addresses a wide range of energy education topics including shale energy, renewable energy, energy policy, on-farm energy, youth education, landowner leasing, and sustainable community planning. The curriculum consists of worksheets, presentation materials, workshop materials, bulletins, fact sheets, marketing templates, and evaluation tools. The ultimate goal of Energize Ohio is to enhance community leaders' and local residents' knowledge of energy drivers and development in order to promote informed decision-making and best practices.


IMPACT. 1: In 2014, OSU Extension taught more than 700 Ohioans how to prepare for, attract, and develop potential renewable energy projects. -- 2. In 2014, OSU Extension delivered 32 programs, reaching 1,191 people, on shale energy-related topics. -- 3. In total, since 2012 the Energize Ohio Signature Program team has delivered 141 programs in 64 of Ohio's 88 counties, reaching 11,688 participants.
OSU PARTNERS: OSU Office of Energy and Environment; OSUE - Community Development; OSUE - Agriculture and Natural Resources; OSUE - Family & Consumer Sciences; OSUE - 4-H Youth Development; OSUE - Shale Work Group; School of Environment and Natural Resources; Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics; C. William Swank Program in Rural-Urban Policy; Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering; OSU Subsurface Energy Resource; Center (SERC); OSU Center of Automotive Research; Ohio Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Team; Ohio Bio-Products Innovation Center (OBIC)
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Eastgate Regional Council of Governments; Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning and Development Organization; Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association; Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District; Guernsey County Planning Committee; Guernsey County Improvement Corporation; Cambridge Chamber of Commerce
PRIMARY CONTACT: Eric Romich (romich.2@osu.edu)



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