Official Proceedings of the One Thousand Three Hundred and Sixty-First Meeting of the Board of Trustees, Columbus, Ohio, April 7, 2000

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This item is the meeting minutes of the Board of Trustees of The Ohio State University held on Friday, April 7, 2000, at the University of Cincinnati Kingsgate Conference Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. President William E. Kirwan gave the President's Report, and Provost Edward J. Ray introduced Professor Hamish Fraser, Professor Randall Allemang, and Professor Soon-Jai Khang who made a presentation on OSU/UC Research Interactions in Engineering. Dr. Daniel D. Sedmak gave a presentation on OSU/UC Research Interactions in Medicine. This was followed by remarks by Joseph Steger, the President of the University of Cincinnati. Vice Provost Timothy S. Knowles made a president of The Young Scholars Programs. Provost Edward J. Ray made a President on Compensation Benchmarks. The consent agenda included the following resolutions: Amendments to the Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of The Ohio State University Hospitals, Amendments to the Rules of the University Faculty, Honorary Degrees, Waiver, Personnel Actions, Resolutions in Memoriam, Report of Research Contracts and Grants, Report on University Development, and Report of Award of Contracts.