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McPherson Chemical Laboratory is located at 140 W. 18th Avenue. Other addresses for fire department use are 108 and 120 West 18th and 107, 121, and 141 West 19th. This structure was officially named "McPherson Chemical Laboratory" by the Board of Trustees on May 12, 1952. It is also known as the Chemistry Laboratories, Chemistry & Chem. Eng. Bldg., and the William McPherson Chemical Laboratory. Various names also have been used for the several units of this building complex. Unit A, which is the original part of the whole complex, was constructed as the "Addition to Chemistry Building," presumably meaning an addition to Derby Hall (025), which was then the Chemistry building. Unit B is also referred to as the "Chemistry Building Addition." The terms "Sawtooth" and "Chemistry Sawtooth" and the like refer to Unit A and that portion of B directly east of A. Units A & B have been referred to as the "Laboratory of Chemistry Appendage." Units C & D have been referred to as the "Head House," the "Chemistry Head House," and the "Head House for the Chemistry Unit." The terms "Chemistry Building," "Chemical Laboratories," and "New Chemistry Building" have been noted with respect to Units A, B, C, & D collectively and individually. Unit E was built as the "Underground Storage Room for Chemistry." Units G & I are referred to as the "Pharmaceutical Addition," the "Manufacturing Unit for Laboratory Supply," the "Addition for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, "the "Pharmaceutical Laboratory," "the 1938 Addition" (Unit G), and the "Research Storage Building." The term "Low Level Radiation Laboratory" refers to a portion of Unit B. Finally, Unit H has been called "the 1939 Addition," the "Petroleum Laboratory," the "Addition for Petroleum Research," the "Petroleum Research Laboratory," the "American Petroleum Institute (or API) Laboratory," and the "Pilot Plant."


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