Polska Socjologiczna Klasyfikacja Zawodów: PSKZ-1995. Propozycja badawcza

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The occupation is a basic indicator of placement of individuals in social structure. We recommend, here, the new Polish Sociological Classification of Occupations - PSCO 1995, which is supposed to be adapted to the current structure of the Polish society, after deep structural transformations taking place in the 1990s. Our proposal responds to the needs for a new schema of coding and new analytical tool because occupational classifications that researchers used to utilize are relatively old - these were constructed in the 1970s to reflect quite different social structure of the Polish society. In what follows we: describe PSCO - 1995, set up its theoretical and methodological foundations as well as we point out possibility to make use of the computer program for coding data concerning occupational position.




Ask: Research and Methods. Volume 2, Issue 1 (1995), pp. 77-93