The Fraydele Oysher Yiddish Theater Collection: Contents and Highlights in Context

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The Ohio State University

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For twenty years, a significant insight into the world of Yiddish theater and music sat dormant in the archives of The Ohio State University. This project represents the first examination of this collection of scripts, sheet music, handbills and other media by a scholar. The contents were documented and catalogued systematically, and great effort was expended to maintain consistency in transliteration practices. Dealing with documents in several different languages and alphabets, and even instances where a title of a given document would be spelled in various ways on a single page, proved challenging. When possible, YIVO standards for transliteration into Roman characters were employed, though slight deviations from this system became necessary. After cataloguing the collection, the contents were put in a cultural and historical context, and suggestions for further research are explored. While the time and funding of an undergraduate research project are limited, this research will be extremely valuable to the Yiddish world in making available and known nearly 300 documents from Yiddish culture around the world.



Yiddish, Theater, Oysher