Interview of David Hopcraft by Tamar Chute

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David Hopcraft was an Ohio State graduate working for The Cleveland Plain Dealer when he was sent to campus to cover the 1970 student riots. As a reporter, he witnessed key moments in the riots, as well as the Governor’s and administration’s reactions, and thus has a unique perspective of the events of May 1970. As a student Hopcraft worked on The Lantern and later, as an alumnus, served on the Alumni Advisory Board.


Paul Barton: Acting Director of the School of Journalism (p. 9) -- Everest Derthick: Editorial Supervisor of The Lantern (p. 3) -- Harold Enarson: OSU President (pp. 7, 28, 30-31) -- Novice Fawcett: OSU President (pp. 5-9, 16, 24, 31-32) -- Jack Fullen: Director of the OSU Alumni Association (pp. 8, 11) -- John Galbreath: Commercial developer (pp. 13, 23) -- E. Gordon Gee: OSU President (p. 31) -- John Gilligan: Ohio Governor (p. 4) -- John Glenn: Ohio Senator (p. 13) -- William E. Hall: Director of School of Journalism (p. 9) -- Woody Hayes: Football Coach (pp. 19-20, 27-28) -- Dan Heinlen: Member of the OSU Alumni Advisory Board (pp. 8, 26, 31) -- Jeanie Heller: Student (p. 3) -- Wilson Hirschfield: State Editor of The Plain Dealer (p. 13) -- George Kienzle: Director of School of Journalism (pp. 8, 10) -- John Mount: OSU Vice President (p. 7) -- James Rhodes: Ohio Governor (pp. 4, 25) -- James Shocknessy: Member of the OSU Board of Trustees (pp. 7, 28-30) -- Tom Vail: Editor and Publisher of The Cleveland Plain Dealer (pp. 7, 28) -- Michael White: President of the Undergraduate Student Government (p. 20) -- John Wolfe: Owner and Publisher of The Columbus Dispatch -- Rick Zimmerman: The Cleveland Plain Dealer bureau chief (p. 14)
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1970 campus riots, student attitudes in 1962 and 2010, Kent State riots, journalism