III-V Device Integration on Silicon Via Metamorphic SiGe Substrates

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A range of high performance minority carrier devices have been successfully fabricated on Si virtual substrates where threading dislocation densities (TDDs) as low as1x10^6 cm^-2 are routinely achieved. Minority carrier lifetime data achieved on GaAs-on-Si layers exploiting this novel SiGe buffer approach to monolithic integration (ζ_p = 10.5 ns and ζ_n = 1.7ns) verifies the high III-V material quality. Single junction GaAs solar cells with high efficiencies for GaAs/Si of 18.1% under AM1.5-G illumination were demonstrated. Further exploiting the novel GaAs/Si material quality, even more complex minority carrier devices including dual-junction solar cells and LEDs were fabricated, yielding high performance consistent with the high III-V/Si mobilities. In both cases, certain device metrics on SiGe outperformed identical GaAs monolithic devices. Finally, a visible laser on Si was achieved, demonstrating the success and further potential of this III-V/Si integration methodology.




John A. Carlin et al, "III-V Device Integration on Silicon Via Metamorphic SiGe Substrates," ECS Transactions 3, no. 7 (2006), doi:10.1149/1.2355868